Customer Voices

This is a restaurant in Gion with an excellent value.

I came here for lunch on a Sunday at the invitation of someone who takes very good care of me.


First of all, I felt a sense of liberation from the spaciousness of the first floor.

My mind was eased by the beauty of the Shirakawa River and the street in front that can be seen through the window.


I had an 8 course meal while seated here and I was impressed by the amount of food that was served. It almost made me question if I could eat this much.


I couldn't believe the quality and quantity of food being offered for the price being charged. I feel like it is an amazing value.


In addition, I could talk with the owner over the counter and ask detailed questions about the food.


I feel like this restaurant is good for everyday use, but I also think that it is perfect for a casual visit to Gion to enjoy with somebody who is important to you.


I would like to come again at night, but I think that it would be best to see the blooming cherry trees during the spring, so I have decided to come at that time also (laughs).

A male Kyoto resident in his 40s

There is another world that spreads from an alley in Gion.

Before I found this restaurant, I thought that there would hardly be any restaurants at Gion where I could have lunch.


There was an unexpectedly spacious pocket of space at the back of a typical Kyoto alley, and when I took off my shoes and went in, I saw a large window offering a view of the Shirakawa River right ahead.

It appears that the counter seats are constantly packed with guests who specifically want to enjoy this exquisite view during the cherry blossom season in the spring.


You can enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine at a reasonable price while watching foreign tourists walking on the other side of the Shirakawa river, couples taking pictures, and kimono-clad women taking a stroll.


As it has table seats on the second floor, this is a restaurant that I would like to subtly recommend to friends from Tokyo and business people who entertain guests in Kyoto.

A female Kyoto resident in her 50s

I am very satisfied with wonderful cuisine and beautiful scenery.

I used it for introduction from people I know. There is a shop in front of a narrow alley and inside, there is a feeling of opening when entering inside.

From the window you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Shirakawa.


Although I got a lunch meeting corner, the price was reasonable, I was very satisfied with the wonderful scenery and delicious kaiseki cuisine. Timmin enough for dishes to come out just fine, and we were able to taste the goods one by one slowly. Both the scenery and the cuisine are wonderful, it is a shop that you would like to visit every season.


I heard that the second floor is a table seat, so I'd like to use it for my family next time.

A male Kyoto resident in his 30s

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■Phone : +81-75-525-8187

■Business Hours :

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Dinner : 17:00 - 23:00 (last order at 21:00)
Schedule : Closed every Wednesday

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